Saturday, 17 November 2012


Guernica was a piece of artwork by the famous Pablo Picasso. This 3D recreation was by London Junkers & Lizzie Gudko.

 Stand on the starting balcony or get up close to view this great masterpiece.

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Concrete light

Concrete Light.
The name tells you quite allot about what's going to be here. yes, that's correct. This artistic sim is all about fine art made out of concrete and light, neon light.

 There are also 'videos, alligators centipedes and other unexpected things.'

If you enjoyed the images then I recommend you visit this fantastic location, it's just not the same unless you've experienced it for yourself.

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Around the world

 Fly around the world to many, many locations! Visit Australia, Asia, North America or even Africa.
Pick your plane, board then off you go to another location on the other side of the world!

 Once you've travelled to your location, you can go shopping and buy local wares.
If you don't like to travel, then you can just hang out at the starting location, chat and interact with objects there.

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Tim's Dreams

Tim's Dreams was created by artist Romy Nayar., who created a dark and worldful world full of mysterious figures.
Enter Tim's dreams and venture through, experiencing his nightmares with him.

There are some spectacular things to see here, puppets, menacing faces and two headed girls.
Interact with some of the displays and get your head cut off!

So go forth and follow the arrows.

The Inevitability of Fate

So I recently decided to visit The Inevitability of Fate, a story of Beth and Lot during the war. It is an emotional and unique experience.
Once there, you will immediately be hit with the excitement of this story as you see the likes of flying pigs and floating eyeballs.

There are many weird and wonderful things to view and there are also lots of free items to wear as you take this journey with Beth, Lot and their pig.
Follow the story and see how their relationship is torn apart by the war.
Feel their fear as the war starts and the panic rises.

 Go with them as they have to leave home, feel what they feel and experience this lovely but heartbraking story.